Baby Swaddle Blanket in Boho Neutral Style


To give your nursery a harmonious style, we also offer bedding and play mats in this stunning boho design.

Add a touch of bohemian charm to your nursery with this baby swaddle blanket. It features elegant boho fringe detailing, perfectly blending comfort, fashion, and functionality.

Crafted from soft, breathable organic cotton muslin, this blanket serves as the ideal receiving blanket. Its lightweight, airy fabric is perfect for year-round use, ensuring your baby stays comfortable in any season.

The blanket’s dimensions make it perfect for toddlers, providing comfort during naptime or bedtime.

Additionally, it doubles as a convenient nursing coverup. Its generous size and gentle fabric allow you to easily create a cozy space for your little one or offer discreet nursing coverage whenever needed.


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baby swaddle blanketBaby Swaddle Blanket in Boho Neutral Style